Wednesday, 2 July 2014

To Rovaniemi, Finland

Finally I'm setting off to my starting point at Rovaniemi, Finland where I'll be meeting a new friend (Paul) to ride for a couple of weeks. Would like to thank Adam/ Steph/ Ellie for their help on my flight ticket which gets me on the next day flight at budget price and their hospitality while I was stranded. Not forgettin Eefu and Tony with the help to sort many random stuff. And lastly, my great bro and sis for their extended help.
Packing the bike for check-in at airport

Taking a bike on board BA was fuss free - bikes are allowed in plastic bag, it is counted as your free checked baggage and any additional baggage will cost GBP40 (GBP34 prepaid online) so if you put all your panniers in a big bag and not exceeding 23kg, you'll just pay this one off price. Everything arrived as they were, thankfully no damaged. From Helsinki airport (T2), I had to catch the bus at busstop 10 for 6.30euro to the railway station (30mins journey time). Bikes are allowed in the luggage compartment at no cost. My bag containing the panniers was broken when I reached the train station and I had to drag the bag on the floor while rolling the bike on the other hand. Thanks to a couple who offered to help lift the bag to my platform and the train attendant assisted me with bike loading and carrying of my panniers to my seat. Bike on express train cost 5euro and I was told if you want to leave your luggage with the bike you'll need to pay another 5euro.

Ready to check-in

Bus stop 10 to railway Helsinki railway station
It has been a mad transport transit day since 5am in the morning and I didn't have time to sort dinner for my overnight train. Then I met Yukeong (from Korea) on the train who offered me banana and chocolate. She has been travelling for 1.5mths on her own around Europe and is still on the move.

Everything was as per schedule and without all these kind souls I wouldn't have made it today. Already overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers even before the adventure start.

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