Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 6: Karigasniemi to Stabbursnes

Happy Birthday to me.
Riding mate served up my Birthday Breakfast :) Sang a fast track birthday song, made a quick wish before the match stick gone out... hmmpf, I'm +1 today


About to cross over to Norway

On the border's bridge

I'm in between Norway and Finland now

In Norway land...

Excuse my laundry bag at the back

Entering the first town Karasjok to get some information and hopefully find a bike shop as I've been having problem with my handlerbar stem

View on the right while I was crossing the bridge from above

Found a sport shop & thankfully they do repair

The problem... could be dangerous if I carried on

He saved my life. At first he says he doesn't have any replacement but later found a new one and got everthing sorted at no cost. Thank you for letting me carry on my journey.

Kenzi from Japan holidaying with his friend came by to check us out. One of his hobby is hand gliding, how cool is that! 

This new tarmac road is as smooth as icing on cake

More reindeers feasting by the roadside. Are you bored of them yet? I'm not


Such a great place to chill and social.

Hand built with a green roof.

Social place 1: Top (Exterior), Bottom (Interior)

Social place 2: Top (Exterior), Bottom (Interior)

They've got a river running by the campsite too, ideal for fishing

Distance: 114.9km

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