Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 23-24: To Moskenes via after Klepstad

Follow the cycle route 1 (left) instead of main road (far right) as it is flatter and better scenery.

The sun was working so hard to push through the clouds and it succeeded.

Almost clear and cloudless sky.

Never bump into the owner so Thorn posed with it.

After crossing about 5-6 such bridges today ranging from S, M, L, XL... I'm beginning to rethink about my early fondness of bridges now.

Should be crossing over to that side soon.

The fog is thickening... argh.

On short ferry ride at Melbu to Fiskebol. Surprising I had a complimentary ride, I don't know why. Initially I was to carry on along route 82 to 85 then E10 to Fiskebol but local says one of the tunnel is long and the other is steep as deep in the sea. So Melbu was the option which Martin previously also suggested as he came up that way. Indeed it was a pleasant ride across farmlands. 

Approaching Fiskebol. I think I'm going to like this place!

Thanks for letting me hitch a ride!

Oh down slope.. I can handle that!

The stretch down E10 although lots of traffic, the Austnesfjord view was beautiful. It was rolling up and down and tackling at later time in the day, I felt very 'punctured'.

The problem with not wearing a watch, beautiful scenery and long daylight = forgotten its close to dinner and bed time. I should really spin faster but just look at this... would you zoom passed? 

Lofotkatedralen - a church, largest wooden structure in Northern Norway

I couldn't find anywhere it pitch, it was late, I desperately tried a campsite but reception closed and the price was high too. I turned out and pressed on. Found this place and make do for a night. It started drizzling at 2am and I had to shift into shelter. Must be my short-sightedness, although I woke up with a view, I didn't know I moved near a dead tweety bird not far from my foot...


First thing in the morning, crossed a bridge. Nice warm up  huh.

Viking museum. I only managed to use the toilet as can't afford entrance fees. And I parked my Thorn somewhere obvious, forgetting every tourists standing around looking at the board will notice my 'laundry' on my bike.

Love this design.

Viking era costume

Captured from a postcard. I've been wild camping for awhile but never see any cloudberries...

Never get to see any drying of cod fish

Crossing a bridge, its good they thought about cyclist lane

Simple bus stop with a view way better than those in concrete jungle

If you don't fancy dark tunnels, use the cycle route on the left

Near the last tunnel before reaching Moskenes, major construction work going on. Riding on sandy gravel by the edge of the mountains with limited barriers, up slope, worrying the lorries might reverse into me.. hmm its one hell of a ride here. Its quite a long stretch of road work and when I'm back on tarmac road I was like 'omg I'm still alive.'

Finally about to reach Moskenes, close to midnight. Kept warm in the toilet until the first ferry to Bodo at 6am.

25 Jul 14: 109.6km [Misty then Sunny]
26 Jul 14: 103.8km [Cloudy, drizzling]

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