Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 15: To Burfjord

Forecast says its going to rain so I left early in hope to leave the clouds behind

New cycle path out of Alta

The first two tunnels were short and flat. Above is the Sahkkobatnitunnelen which disallowed cyclist to ride through. I think you should be able to use the alternative road on the right but when I was right in front of the tunnel I decided to roll through it. Slight downhill so I supposed if you are coming from the otherside you are better off using the road?

4th tunnel crossing on route shows no cycling sign. Strangely on the other side I don't see such sign. I turned back and took the alternative route by the side

Views from the detour

 Souvenirs stalls by the roadside.  

When I found a spot away from the road, a German guy came up to request a photograph (me+thorn) as he was amused (tiny person, female, bike etc). I thought he went away but he came back with 2 cans of cider while I thought he was gone again he returned to give me another chocolate coffee. And said I can have them! What a star.

Just when I thought I have found the perfect secluded spot, a caravan parked up right in front of me

View from wild camping

And another caravan parked up. Is this a hot spot? Must be the view. I felt safe at the same time with them around.

I was invited to dine in the caravan with 2 lovely folks. Was treated with perfectly cooked spaghetti, delicious pan fried salmon, salad, bread+cheese, raspberry and we also finished a bottle of red wine... ended with some lemon liqueur... 'hic'

Here they are.. Giovanni from Italy and Erika from Switzerland, such fun, loving and kind people. Grazie! 
They drove passed me the next morning, pulled up ahead, jumped off they van with their video camera for some photo session they we missed the night before.

17 Jul 14: 97km [Cloudy, drizzling]

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