Saturday, 19 July 2014

Day 16-17: To Birtavarre via Veibrink


Catching up with my breath after the climb.. getting cold

Huge fallen rocks

If you can't see houses at the edge of the coast you know you'll be climbing up through the mountains...

I met him outside the supermarket at Sorkjosen. He first left a bottle of water on my bike and went back into the supermarket to find me. He was holding 3 bread buns, saying its for me. When he saw me with a handful of food, he walked around the supermarket with me and said 'take what you need, its on me'. He says I need to eat more to ride... Yet another kindness from stranger. Thank you!

Vibility these 2 days have been very poor especially high up the mountains, early and later in the day.

I can hardly see the road ahead anymore so I decided to call it a day. Saw some caravans parked up near these road side stalls so I reckon I could pitch up as well. After a round of tea and biscuits with a Netherland couple in their caravan, I sneak into the Tipi to set up my bivvy instead of pitching tent. Warm and cosy, left at 0700hrs the next day and the owner probably didn't even know I've been there.


Pretty flowers waving at me along the roadside, will be rude of me not to stop and say hi

18 Jul 14: 88km [Misty, cold]
19 Jul 14: 56.6km [Misty, Cloudy]

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