Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day 21: To Andenes via Gryllefdjord

Think these are Fireweeds, lots of them blooming around

From my direction to Gryllefdjord, the tunnel is down slope. I haven't got a picture but I was told you can press the big red button at the side of road (its got a bicycle sign as well) before entering the tunnel. There will then be some flashing lights in tunnel to warn drivers that there are cyclists passing through. I only see them in Senja area thus far.

Paul whom I met previously contacted his journalist friend who then tried to track me down (as I'm not contactable via phone) to interview me. Stein, the journalist contacted the village people to keep a look out for me and sound him out. When I arrived, the lady from the supermarket called him. Soon after Anders (photo above, a retired teacher) came round with a camera and hooked me up on a telephone interview with Stein as he is in Tromso. I've never thought that someday I will be on newspaper. Stein told me it will be out on Nordlys newspaper on Friday. You can read the article here (PS. Use google translate)

Anders took me to lunch at a Cafe by the harbour and bought me Norwegian local delicacies ie. Dried cod. 

Photo credit: Anders Frederiksen

On ferry SKUTVIK
Stein also sort my ferry out to Andenes. The Captain came down to ask if I was the Malaysian girl etc and said he was told to look after me on board.

Timetable and cost info

 Just after I was reading about Whale Safaris and about to doze off, the Captain found me and invited me up to the bridge.

Here is he... Oskar Pedersen, Skutvik's Master. He later made annoucement to everyone on board about my trip. Thank you all passengers and crew members on board the 1500hrs ferry today for you support and interest. 

This is Eirik Heitman, a pensioner doing this for fun. He says he is the Deck Boss. Awesome man. Thank you too!

As I was chatting with Master Oskar about whales and he was surprised I've never seen whales before, he said he knew someone who might be able to help. The next I know when I arrived at Andenes, I got invited to board the ship out to watch whales in 30mins time. OMG! What a day...

We had 5 sightings (Sperm whale and Harbour porpoise) today and heard we were considered lucky. Met Glen the whale sighted since 1992 twice today as well. Below is a video of him diving. 

There was Biologist on board doing research as well

Met Max in blue, a professional photographer. Looking at his super zoom and I looked at my lens... :(

Then I joined the crew on Maan Dolphin for a all I can eat buffet dinner at Riggen Restaurant. This means I will have lots of energy to pedal tomorrow. haha. 

I was reminded to check out the whats behind the right door in the workshop before I go to bed. Its a whale skeleton. Apparently it was dead, left in the sea for fishes to feed off the meat and they brought the skeleton back... 

Yes, they sort out a room for me too... Good night, I will have sweet dreams tonight.

23 Jul 14: 22km + 2hr Ferry [Sunny]

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