Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 1: Rovaniemi to Korvala

I never meant to start from Rovaniemi, Finland. Originally I was going to ride from England and crossed over to France to continue the journey but plans changed after hearing someone was about to start his month long trip from Finland to Norway and didn't mind that I tagged along. Coincidentally, Rovaniemi ie Santa Village was where my Bro and Sean started their stint many years ago but they were heading south while I'm going up north. 

Arrived at Rovaneimi railway station
Found the new friend, Paul and ready to ROLL!

9394km to Singapore? Doubt this will be my mileage

I've crossed it too. Sean & Bro, does this looks all familiar?

Santa is in there all year round

Thats what Santa is busying doing, posing for photos with all who came to see him

Longest wish list to Santa, did they all came true?


Ok back on the road...

Pit stop for some snacking break at Arctic circle hiking trail
Stunning view

Finland outdoor toilet. Commonly found in parks, rest area etc. Basically its an upgraded version of a 'hole' in the ground as its sheltered, with seat & cover and if you are lucky, toilet paper provided. No water though.

Shhhh.... look what I found on the right, in the grass field

My first encounter with a reindeer

A car sped past, slammed on the break and stopped by the road ahead of us. A big guy came out, went to his car boot, pulled out 2 cans and ran towards us saying 'you must be tired'. What an angel!

Arrived at campsite

Experiencing Finnish log cabin

With a view

Top and bottom are owners' kids' pets - Humu & Hopsu, Finland native breed. I think its call Finnish Lapphund? 

They also kept 60 of these sled dogs

Last bike porn at campsite

Hyvää yötä! (Good Night!)

Distance: 65.95km

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