Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 7-8: Stabbursnes to Nordkapp via Kaafjord

Following the coast line E6 and E69

Almost look unreal. Like an oil painting

Look at that beautiful antlers. But hey am I in your way or are you blocking my road... Get off the road, its dangerous!

Found an excellent spot for dinner.

Lots of stacked stones.

I made one too.

Cooking dinner with spirit and a red bull can. Took abit long though but we didn't want to risk using our proper stove with spirit.

And dinner is served after an hour.

Midnight sun. Check out the video here.

Decided to get some sleep before pushing the last leg to Nordkapp. Found a perfect location by the road with sea view. Its already past midnight now, yes we rode till this hour.


Eliahv and wife from Israel brewed us a hot cup of coffee/tea and fed us with biscuit (pic below) before we brave our way into the 7km Nordkapp tunnel.

This is really tasty!

Its not a straight flat tunnel. You first go down slope, flat for awhile and gradually you'll be pedalling up to the end.

Finally end of tunnel.

Start of 9% gradient

Still smiling?

At last! I've received lots of compliments and thumbs up on arrival. They are the ones who drove passed me in caravans/ cars/ bus etc. It was hard push to the end, proper steep up slope that at some point I thought I'm never going to make it. There are also moments that I wanted to hitch a ride up but have quickly dismissed the thought. Koodos!

Victory trophy

Distance: 183.74km

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