Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 691-699: Kashgar, Xinjiang - China

Its forbidden to ride from the Chinese border to Ulugqat so I had to take a shared taxi to the official checkpoint where my passport will get stamped.. I waited for awhile and luckily 2 couples from Netherland arrived to share a van with me... 150yuan each
By the time we reached the checkpoint, it was lunch time and we had to wait 2hrs before they reopen again.

Finally back on the saddle after custom clearance and it was around 6pm when I'm back on the main road to Kashgar... Decided to mad dash into th city, I arrived closed to midnight

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Day 657-671: To Fairy Canyon via Karakol, Kyrgyz

Thorn o Thorn... after leaving you in the cold and dark for months... I'm really happy to reunite with you again. Time to prep you up but these 2 pups are in the way, happily chewing on me

Thanks to Aigul at Apple Hostel for letting me store my bike for such a long time.