This tour is made possible not only from the people I met along the way and those who has been following this blog including my folks and dear friends but also from a superb team behind the scene.

 From latest information on the road, logistics, gear/equipment tech specifications discussions, arranging deliveries to many occasional whining sessions, they are the silent contributors behind this adventure who has voluntarily given me so much of their time.

SK, my brother, oversees the overall smooth running of this trip. He was an avid outdoor enthusiast since his schooling days, engaging in trekking, kayaking and leisure scuba diving. After a 3-years job stint in Czech Republic, he undertook an 18-month journey from 2004 to 2006 to cycle (with a like-minded friend, Sean) from the Arctic Circle back to the Equator. The journey opened his eyes to many parts of the world he could not even dream of previously. After 23,000 kilometres powered by pedalling on two wheels, he realised that the world is actually not that big, and friendships go beyond the distance measured in kilometres. The sense of adventure has not dwindled, and he is always on the keen lookout for fellow backpackers and globetrotting cyclists passing through the region. He is now managing a backpacker’s and cycle-tourist-friendly hostel in Singapore.

EeFu, a common friend between this team, deals with anything related to logistics from liaising with SK/Karen, studying gears' tech specs to arranging purchases and deliveries, he is the one whom I can trust on sourcing the best deal. He is also another outdoor enthusiast and is especially passionate about rock climbing where he previously spent 7 months in South America with a group called Hot Rock travelling around Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador in search of climbing locations. Life can't be any simpler back then where they travelled in a big red truck, eat, sleep, climb and camped near the climbing venue. Apart from climbing, he is always up for an adventure; camping, trekking, cycling, skiing, scuba diving and many more. After a long day playing, he likes to sit around a campfire drinking beer with friends under the stars. Since being back at his day job as an electronic engineer, he has been dreaming about his next big trip which he hopes will come true soon. 

Karen, my lovely sister, takes care of everything else to the extent of the comfort of my undergarments, checks on me and acts as a backup to Logistic in terms of purchasing/postage amidst her busy working life in London. She travels alot herself too and is always up for an adventure whenever I found something interesting which makes her one of my regular travel buddy back in England.

With them, all I'm left to do is to play the role of ''Being the Engine'', powering Thorn the ''Machine'' to my final destination.

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