Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 2-3: Korvala to Ivalo via Petkula


Route E75

Roll roll roll uphill gentle up the hill...

Rolling on cycle path

Another cyclist from Rome - Lunch break outside supermarket after the rain

Very annoyed me having been attacked by mosquitoes all over! June & July are their breeding seasons and trust me, they bite any exposed skin and even through clothing resulting in massive itchy wheal bumps.

Thankful for my cycling buddy, I've got a roof over my head. Ain't it cosy?


Ready to roll again

This doesn't look right. Ok we were lost and it added another 20km to our distance today.

Cutting through to find another road.

Souvenirs anyone? Anything on my bike as long as you get ride of some weight? Just joking...

Hello Markku have you arrived back in Helsinki yet? Markku rode over to chat up when he saw us on the opposite side of road. He kept himself entertained by blasting his music from his front handlebar bag.

The story behind this is... the riding buddy need me to cover huge distance today and he is trying to keep me power up. I wished for 100plus but thats all I got (A sport drink with marker pen scribbling '100 plus').

Arrived at campsite!!!!

I couldn't move an inch anymore. I think my riding buddy is trying to break me

Distance: 108.89km + 140.21km

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