Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 20: To Straumsbotn

Sometimes you don't really need to turn into cycle path... I was bumping on the loose gravel cycle path for a while and wonder why did I turn in and not use the carless, tarmac road. Exit immediately....!

Flat Flat Flat, 855 I love you... but there are no days without challenges, we shall see if this is true

Crossing over to Senja. I have a thing for bridges, I don't know why but I just think they are beautiful. But pedalling up one...hmmm... all I can say is, all the blood has rushed to my head by the time I reached the middle.

Wohoo... and the challenge starts

Wasn't supposed to call it a day but accidentally spotted this place from the corner of my eye and stupidly did a quick sharp turn onto sandy gravel... you should know what will happen for doing that... I went woooooo and slipped side way. I didn't fall off though but had to lift my 'horizontal' bike up that weighs like a Harley.

Had wanted to sleep in my bivvy but soon after this shot the clouds came and the skies darken. Worried that I'll get rained in, I quickly pitched my tent up. Then again, it was just very thick clouds but it looks scary at that time.

Good Morning! Sky cleared up. Another hard to leave spot... :(

22 Jul 14: 74km [Sunny]

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