Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 28-29: To Vassdalsvik and Holand via Ornes

Last night, here is home. There was a car parked up between the trees but it was only in the morning that we noticed a house hidden behind the trees when the owner walked to his car. He didn't mind though and chatted for abit, he says it will rain.

And it did rain.... probably my first proper rain since I started

Before we packed up to ride in the rain, Dagi gave me a present she just picked. 

Rafal seems to have eagle eyes and can spot many things while cycling. He found portobello!

Dagi & Rafal suddenly stopped, jumped off bikes and over the rail and shouted 'Phoebe come'

The next I know, I was eating raspsberries... for free

The photo probably doesn't do justice, but we had stir fry wild portobello in butter for supper, wiped clean with bread... mmmm

This was last night home behind some fishing huts. Pardon the mess in our living room, we'll tidy it up.

We had seafood lunch before setting off. Picking mussels by the shoreline. Dagi told me they've seen on TV programme that this 'grasslike thing' are edible. I don't know the name but I've probably ignored them many a times. They taste better after boiling instead of eating raw.

This is edible as well. You have to use a knife to quickly pick them off otherwise they will suck very tightly to the rocks. Below is how they look like. Dagi called them snails. They look like mini abalone to me.

Where we found our food source

Dried fish

Rafal, the man behind our main food source

One on the line

Someone ate another bigger fish than ours

Another 2 on the line

Boiling the seafood before a quick stir fry in seasonings and butter

oh so delicious

Next up, fried fish in butter

And we decorated our campfire with leftover shells

Rafal changed into his suit in hope to dive into the water to shoot more fishy

Don't be decieved by this beautiful sky, it started raining after I shot this.

Spot my riding motivation. I know its a place for map though but... anyway I later realised its cheaper to buy chocolate from the baking section

Bracing for storm


Dagi spotted shelter under the rocks on her left... so we climbed over the railings for a break from the head wind and rain

Glacier here we come. Everyone told us Savartistunnelen (8km) was absolute no go so we rode to Ornes to catch the ferry to Vassdalsvik (Kr39)

Reached a place called Holand and going to ride back to Brasetvik to find Paul's friend as he made arrangement to get me across to Svartisen to see glacier

Was past midnight when we reached Holand

Home with glacier view

30 Jul 14: 35km? [Rain]
31 Jul 14: 38km? [Rain]
- Bike computer still playing up -

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