I always enjoyed traveling, it broadens the mind, it makes me feel 'Free', its therapeutic. Most importantly, the awe-struck moments of seeing beautiful places and meeting wonderful people just keeps me craving for more. But work has meant travels are limited to annual leave which makes me constantly itching with travel bugs, day dreaming on adventures, getting green with jealously when reading others' epic stints and I can only console myself that "One day...." it'll be my turn.

Traveling seeds were planted since young which later turned into many adventures, road / backpacking trips. Ever since I left Malaysia for England more than 11 years ago, I've already brewed up the idea that someday I will travel back to Asia by land. I've thought of many options but cycling never really cross my mind until my brother completed his 18 months arctic to equator cycling tour with his friend Sean. I was gifted a tour bike (my current steed aka Thorn) on his return in 2006 but still I never took long cycle touring seriously and since kept it in immaculate condition (embarrassed), like a precious gift.

Why now? I've been burying myself in work for a long while and have also reached a milestone in terms of 'age' where I wanted changes. I've made 2 failed attempts (due to work commitments) last 2 years to set out on this journey and can now no longer resist the lure of adventures. I needed something that lasted longer than micro trips and biking is the perfect option in many ways. This is just me hearing my instinct that now is the time, to celebrate this milestone, to recharge, to live life, to break out of routines, to make things happen and perhaps to inspire. It is fully self supported and I'm just riding for myself - just me, Thorn and my mascot 'Haha' (HaHa has been stolen and my new mascot is 'BingBing/斌斌', also a giraffe.

Cycle touring is a whole new world to me, I'm nervous yet excited on where it will lead me to, I believe the road ahead will be a great teacher...

Setting off from my village


  1. Hi. I've just been in touch with Sk Lah via the FB warmshowers page, I'm also cycling to Singapore, looks like your taking a similar route to me, although being English meant Iran was not possible!! A shame but it was still fun. Where are you now?
    mark wallis.

    1. Hey! Cool...how far are you on the road? I'm hibernating in Greece at the moment and will get back on the road towards Turkey soon.