Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 25-27: Saltstraumen to Skaugvoll via Bodo

Board the first ferry in the morning at 5-ish to Bodo. Kr180 and about 3.5hrs. Funnily majority of the passengers including me were lying horizontally on the seats and snoozing away... 

My occasional campsite visit

I was so happy to see this... they charge Kr40 per wash/dryer but luckily someone has been putting in too much money and I got to wash and dry for free...hurrah! 

Was offered to try fish liver from the caravan folks... he says its delicious and must wash thoroughly in case got worms. It tastes very fishy and fatty; accidentally dripped some of its juice on my CLEAN pant and end up having fishy stench for days even after I tried washing that dirty area with soap.

A postcard view which I was expecting to see with my own eyes but mine, recorded below wasn't that drastic... 

Met Dagi & Rafal from Poland. Apparently they have been 'Hello-ing' me from far for a while... so the noise I kept hearing wasn't my imagination as I turned back and saw no one until they appeared from the steep road

Just after I mentioned that I haven't seen any cloudberries from my previous post, Rafal showed me where to find them. Its tiny, no wonder I can't see them... taste quite 'herbal' and a little bitter

Like a pretty flower but too bad its out of focus :(

They always try to have campfire every night... did you see potatoes in foil? They taste really yummy

27-28 Jul 14: 31km [Sunny]
29 Jul 13: 56km? - Bike computer problem [Sunny]

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