Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 18-19: To Olsborg via Skibotn

Waterfalls everywhere

Like my lunch spot?

It doesn't look appetising but I cooked more for last night just so I can have rice for lunch too. Had 2 sweets as dessert too. 


Today, here is home.

Dinner time

Just enjoying the view from my front yard

 Good Morning! Its difficult to leave home with such view and my bed (sleeping bag) is so comfy.


Just you wait, I am coming nearer.

Still climbing??!!! Almost there.... nearer and nearer

Taking a fruit break to boost the spirit 

Presenting Paul Sanno! A great man I befriended at Nordkjosbotn. Like a guardian angel, he has been loading me with lots of information and also hooked me up with lots of his friends to let me see Norway in an affordable way. No amount of thanks can descirbe how much I appreciate this Paul! By the way, the Shibas are adorable!

A kind man offered me a cold coke. Oh la la. Just what I needed on a hot day.

Hello, just passing by. I don't really want to look at the grubby self so I rather stand far away 

Random 'non famous celebrity' shot with stranger. The dad and son requested for a photograph, checked my distance covered and said 'Respect'. "Blush" 

Sleeping on a bench tonight because the grass patch doesn't looked appealing. There was a sign that says no camping, I just pretended I couldn't read English. 

Just a quick check to make sure it won't rain before I dozed off.

20 Jul 14: 45.6km [Mostly Sunny]
21 Jul 14: 96km [Sunny]

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