Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 11-12: Onwards to Alta

It rained the night before luckily it stayed cloudy and dry for us. Good for warming up cold muscle eh?!

Lunch break


They looked thirsty

Almost reaching Alta

Usually you will find cycle path when you nearing a town or residential area


The day before we rode to Alta, we cycled down from Skarsvag (about 13km away from Nordkapp) to Honningsvag to catch a bus (Kr 241) to cross the horrific 7km tunnel and stayed at Olderfjord for a night. It was exactly the route we came before so reckon we didn't missed much. 

Gutted that we couldn't afford king crab in the restaurant, the riding buddy went to get some from the supermarket. And we topped it up with sweet potato dessert. Yes funnily I had dried longans with me.

13 Jul 14: 22km [Head & Side wind]
14 Jul 14: 120.84km [Cloudy, Sunny]

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