Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 5: Kaamanen to Karigasniemi

A typical morning before setting off... breakfast and bike loading

Onwards via Route 92 to the border crossing between Finland and Norway

This is just showing 10% gradient but before this I just rolled up an 8% one!

This is Peter from Switzerland. He has been on the road for 5 months and heading back to Switzerland down Norway, Denmark etc. Looks like I'll be seeing him on the road again.

After all the cycling today, I couldn't carry on to cross the border anymore so we decided to rest overnight just before the border.

Cafe 70degN is where we lodge. 

And we met Peter again. He is staying here as well and he offered to pay for our cabin as he feels I need a good rest after all the climbing today. What a star! Peter, you may not know but this is like receiving one of the best birthday present since tomorrow is my hatch day. I hope to visit you in Swiss!

And it did not end there. The lady owner made me a salmon sandwich and hot cup of tea at no cost as she thinks I should be tired and hungry by now. 

*The kindness almost bring tears to me*

Then the riding buddy top it up with a hot dinner with poach egg. 

I don't know what I had done to deserve such kindness but I've promised myself to give back as much as I can. Thank you for spoiling me.

Distance: 73km

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