Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day 90-91: To after Perleberg

 Alert... something dangerous? 

This is Olaf whom I met in Lauenburg and we end up cycling together until Wittenburg. He is doing a loop ride then following Elbe river back to Dresden where he lives. He is 1.85m and slept in a tent that is probably half the size of mine. He packed too quickly so I didn't have a photo. 


 Early morning fog

 Elbe river

You don't always get a river view. This is us cycling on the wall that act as a barrier between the river and inland. Think there were flood issues before. Olaf ahead trying to get rid of all the spider webbing that is all over us.

White Stork (Ciconia) nests around the village. Very big nests. Heard if the birds come and nest in the village it means there will be lots of new borns or good luck? 


 Bye for now Olaf, see you at your hometown which I will be passing through. Thanks for being my free GPS and introducing Germany to me.

 Cycle path through the woods. Actually on the left is the main road.

 Arrived at my first warmshower host's place. I had the whole place to myself fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room.

 Burp... we had sausages, potatoes and salad, swimming in my tummy already

 And Beer! Nice wheat beer!
Paul, thanks for your great hospitality. I love hearing tales of his adventures,definitely not easy back then but truly adventurous compared to mine in the modern days.
He went cycle touring in his youth without a tent as it was too heavy to carry back then and he even went hitch hiking in Africa... 

Breakfast left on the table before he left for work *happy*

30 Sept 14: 77.66km [Cloudy]
01 Oct 14: 99.07km [Sunny]

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