Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 92-93: To Berlin

 Don't drive into the trees ok

Bad Wilsnack

 St. Nikolai-Kirche
 Another church in another village. Notice the similarity?


 5038km at this point. Near Rathenow

I sneaked into the woods and pitched up for a night. Throughout the night I sensed there were animals walking around my tent. Not sure if it was my imgaination. Was it deers?


 Had to leave very early so I can reached my hosts in Berlin in time. By looking at this I knew it will be a beautiful sunny day today

Brandenburg an der havel

Passing through Potsdam, there is more to see in this city if you have time.

Into Berlin, a tunnel in the middle of motorway for cyclists/pedestrian

02 Oct 14: 95.65km [Cloudy]
03 Oct 14: 91.47km [Sunny]

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