Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 87-89: To Hamburg

 House structures seems to change to half timber/bricks
Whole stretch of apple farms while cycling down river Elbe after Strade

It's pumpkin season

 Farm kids play with these nowadays

 I planned to stay for a night before entering Hamburg because it was late and also I'm still waiting for a response from warmshowers/couchsurfing hosts to put me up for a night when I'm in Hamburg. I've not used WS/CS before and the experience of finding one in Hamburg wasn't good because I didn't find any hosts in the end.

It was getting dark and I went into a residential area in search for a place to stay. Then Wolfgang who was on his way cycling out to meet his friends passed by me and checked if I need any help as I was looking at my map. Yes! Do you have a garden that I can put my tent up for a night? The next I know he led me back to his house nearby and I met his wife Heidi who was then practising her Accordion. He jumped into his garden trying to pick a spot then suddenly said how about coming in to stay in his daughter's room as she was out. Perfect!

 They have lots of bikes! Turns out Wolfgang was a cycle tourer before and had once cycled South America with his friend for 7 months. The photos he showed me were beautiful. 

 Breakfast together. Eggs from their chickens, tomatoes from their garden.. coffee.. mmm

Wonderful people! Wolfgang and Heidi, thanks for 'picking' me up from the streets.  Heidi even printed me a map showing me the direction to the ferry crossing to Hamburg.
Wolfgang is a 'magician' in my terms because he brings hope to people. He is a prosthetist if this is the correct term.



 The 'river bus' that takes people across the river. 3 euro ticket.

 I've got a new sticker from a stranger today - the white sticker with 'Lafayette'. He says he writes bicycle laws in America and we went separate ways. Then I was like... hang on a minute what? Bicycle law? Argh I should have asked for more details but not sure why maybe I was... a little dazed in the morning? haha

 whoa... ABUS lock to commemorate their love? It wasn't even a meaningful location.

 They are still a heat?

 Busy harbour.

 Main train station

 Free drinking water

 I was just passing a Spanish/Portugese restaurant and end up gettng a free meal


Well I didn't managed to find free lodging in Hamburg even from asking strangers. I don't feel very safe wild camping in the city.. there were many police / homeless people around. Ended up in a hostel unfortunately - sigh. But I met 23yo Wasili who has been hitch hiking his way up from the south. He says being a German he feels he hasn't seen alot of Germany so thats why he decided to hitch hike. He loves travelling and I hope you get to go to many places and even better if I managed to influence you to travel by bike. Thats him above trying out my loaded bike to get a feel and he didn't fall. 

 Thanks for the drinks Wasili!

I fled Hamburg quickly the next day as I didn't like it there.

 Cycle path by the railway track

 Cycle path through residential area

 Cycling along Elbe river

Photo below is the result of photo above. Run... run fast before you get eaten.

Boo. First puncture when the sun is almost setting. Not found the culprit yet but just quickly patched up and moved on to find a camping spot 

27 Sept 14: 96.45km [Sunny]
28 Sept 14: 25.43km [Sunny]
29 Sept 14: 57.44km [Cloudy]

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