Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Day 94-97: Berlin - Part 2

Chewing gum tree

The Berlin's version of Harrods in London

This is Baumkuchen from Cafe Buchwald. The family have been baking this cake for more than 150 years. 


Thank you sister for your treat via paypal from my blog. This is German cheesecake made of quark.


Good bread from Brotgarten. They have been opened since 1978 and their most popular bread is Vollkorn bread. They have so many varieties that I wish I could try them all.


Berlin beer and also non-alcoholicKraft malz. Prosts to great friendship.

Cracking my brain with this numbers game. Another night another game. Having fun in Berlin.

My lovely hosts in Berlin, Tini & Anja. Initially I requested to stayed 2 nights via CS but it got extended to 5 days (oops) as we had so much fun together. Also because they knew I needed more time to see Berlin. Being vegan themselves they've showed me many interesting food/recipes that taste so good... I have now a new perspective of vegan food.
By the way, they have wealth of experiences on hitch hiking and have actually hitch hike their way from Germany to China, bought their bikes there and started touring into south east asia. They have been on the road for 18mths and just returned few months ago. Now they are brewing up their next big trip to cycle tour South America! oh so tempting. I'm so excited for them. Its hard to say goodbye but if I stay any longer I may need to start looking for a job in Berlin haha. I got a feeling that perhaps someday we will meet again in some other countries.

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