Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 115-116: To Vyšší Brod

 České Budějovice
where Budweiser Bier is brewed

 Budweiser Budvar Brewery, nope I didn't go in

Passerby were offered cakes from the newly wed. Thank you and congratulation!

 Running event going on, wished I had my running shoe to sign up for a run

 Where are the humans?

Can't see very clearly but I think this is the frog. They say that if the frog ever climbed to the roof then dooms day is nearing


Thanks to my bestie and her 2 lovely sisters for sponsoring through Paypal on my blog, I got treated to a nice warm meal with lotsa beer. Lets just make this a celebration to my recovery from cold.

 Budweiser Budvar dark lager from the Tap

 Beer drawn from Beer Tank, Budweiser Budvar - Krausened Lager

 Budweiser Budvar - Cherry (Wasn't to my liking)


 Nice to be able to brew a cuppa of free espresso


Český Krumlov, one of the city I liked. Was here before in the winter so now I'm only by passing.  

Reached Vyšší Brod and it was almost dark again. Short daylight really does no favours to my ride. The last town before I crossed the border to Austria. It was a last minute decision to go into Austria as many adviced me to head south quickly to avoid the brutal cold winter. Initial plan was to go back Germany towards west then south into Switzerland but plan now been scrapped. Czech Republic ride has been short though longer than intended due to change of route. Was back rolling up and down slopes again which reminds me of the 'fond' days on Norway's roads. Strangely riding the rest of the journey after Prague seems pretty gloomy. There was lack of human interactions, friendliness and people looked unhappy... because winter is coming?

25 Oct 14: 0km [Cloudy]
26 Oct 14: 72.80km [Sunny]

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