Monday, 6 October 2014

Day 94-96: Berlin - Part 1


They were singing right outside the concert house

Empty bookcases big enough to hold the 20,000 burnt books

Lots of construction works going on

Remains of Berlin wall

 Watch tower

Main train station

mmm, these are dotted all around Berlin

 Look at the queue for curry sausages

Since its 'invented' here, I gotta try it. Not from the shop above though.

At Berlin Tempelhof airport (ceased operation since 2008) now turned into a superb hangout area

 The community have little garden areas growing all sorts of stuff here

 Tini & Anja told me this is insect hotel

Bicycle repair area

 Tini made yummy vegan pancakes for breakfast. 

 And she bakes vegan chocolate cake. Oh I'm spoilt.

Anja made this delicious spread. Its not raw meat but crush rice cakes with tomato puree.

Us having a round of game when the night draws in

04 Oct 14: 36.96km
05 Oct 14: 27.32km
06 Oct 14: 28.78km

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