Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 117-118: To Passau

Always find these shops near the border

 He drove up to have a conversation. He lives near the border in Austria and came over to Czech to get his saw repaired. He even left me some presents before driving off. Getting a good vibe of Austrian already. 

 Thank you!

Crossing the border from Czech Republic to Austria

Austria greeted me with such views

 Reached the 6000km mark in Austria

Approaching Linz

Above and below: Passing through Linz


 Fireplace - feeling toasty....

 Usually hot meal for lunch and cold meal for dinner

 Discussing about the cycle path

 Walnut is good for the brain! I need to eat more

Wine is good for you too.. :)

Breakfast with the hosts

 Say hallo to Momo

Lovely Hosts: Peter, Greti and Momo

 From their garden and I'm allow

 Their 200yo converted farmhouse

Along Donau

 We passed each other on the cycle path then after a few meter we both jam brake simutaneously and turned round to greet each other. He murmured something in Korean and I was replied 'what?' English? hahaha. This is Kihum from Korea, the first asian cyclist I met. This bike wasn't his original as his bike got stolen in Poland so he had to get a new one. Good on you Kihun! Hope to see you in Croatia if time permits!

 Photo credit: Kihun

 Sorry what does that sign mean? Can I pretend I don't understand?

Another possible camp spot

 I was fascinated with his bike and we stopped to chat for abit. This is Rudi from Freiburg, he admits riding up slope was difficult for him with this setup.




 what does this mean? 

27 Oct 14: 67.39km [Sunny]
28 Oct 14: 100.64km [Sunny]
29 Oct 14: 73.98km [Sunny]


  1. On behalf of your picture with the caption: "what does this mean? "
    These little signs are marks to show the water level of the river from some river floodings in the past.
    It is always a good idea to sleep on the second or third floor so close to the river ;-)

    I wish you a mild winter for your trip. I admire the english eccentric way of life, so keep on riding ;-)

    Erik Neu