Monday, 13 October 2014

Day 101-103: Loschwitz, Bastei & onwards to Czech

 Check out this beautiful dairy shop - Molkerei Pfunds.

 Not allowed to take photos inside but I secretly snapped 2. The whole shop is decorated with tiles.

On the way walking to Loschwitz.. probably covered more than 15km of walking that day


Some beautiful houses

It almost looks like it grows out of the asphalt

 That bakery on the left bakes good walnut bread 

Notice a pair of eyes watching you?

 The blue wonder bridge



 Overlooking Elbe river

 Anyone up for some climbing at Bastei?

Olaf treat! He says they do good, fresh fish. It was delicious


 Remember Olaf whom I met last week? He is my host in Dresden! Such a lovely and thoughtful person. He cooks, we walked round the city to see the night lights, went Bastei and drank some local beer. He even gave me suggestions on my route to Prague. Thanks Olaf, I had a great time and has been so well taken care of.

 Sometimes there are some words that we just need to rely on this! 

Well well, I have been sick through out my stay there. Olaf gave me some medicine.

 And I tried some other remedies too

 This is part of my recovery too... oops (btw 2 of them are alchohol free)

yum yum


Onwards to Czech 

 Pass by Bastei again now I'm at the opposite side

 Resting. With the flu and puking 4 times last night... I'm low on energy

 A cyclist on road bike stopped to give me his buff as present from Dresden! He first rode passed and we had a short conversation. When he was on his way back he was waving his buff saying gift for you as he says after we parted earlier on he then realised 'omg she is cycling alone'...

 I just realised I've crossed into Czech Republic...

Ahh getting dark earlier and earlier.

11/12th Oct 14: 0km
13th Oct 14: 76.25km [Sunny]

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