Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 98-100: To Dresden

 It was hard to say goodbye the next day...

Where is the sign? Left or right? :-/

 Having a sorebum day but luckily the view can compensate it

 Sunflower field

Beautiful evening on arrival at Dresden



 A selection of spread for my breakfast. How nice of my host and there in the middle is my favourite prune jam!

 If you have been following my blog, you'll know I have quite many mushroom photos and I always wonder if they are edible. I saw these books in a shop but too bad its not in English. 

 This 4 storeys Globetrotter outdoor shop is such a fun place

Would you believe if I say most of the buildings you seen in this post were not here about 25yrs ago? Not much were left after the raid in 1945 so the city probably look more like the above ruins many years ago and now they have slowly restored/rebuild the city to what you see now.

Just being naughty...  if you can spot it

 Too shiny don't ya think? Don't quite fit the surrounding.

 I got excited when I saw this market hall but sadly nothing much in there or its not what I expected

 A unique building. Oddly shaped and the only openings are these 4 small windows and 1 entrance door.

 No camera stand. But I must also admit my night photos are always crappy. 
Dresden is really beautiful at night.

 This is one popular cafe.

Olaf (host) cooks dinner

 And out for a beer and snack

Can you read the words? Basically its telling you to get one more as your glass is now empty

8th Oct 14: 101.74km (Rain)
9th Oct 14: 102.01km (Sunny)
10th Oct 14: 0km (Sunny)

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  1. Not bad night photos, considering you had no tripod!

    And, yes, I spotted it. :)