Monday, 20 October 2014

Day 107-110: Prague - Part 2

Peeing Sculpture by David Cerny - saucy

 Possibly the narrowest lane

 This was the John Lennon graffiti on the Lennon wall we took in 2003.

 Now in 2014... its all changed and I can't locate the painting above


 There wasn't any locks before... now this railing, I guessed its just waiting to topple

Memorial to the victims of Communism (a little sad looking at them)

Good coffee should be black like a devil, hot like hell and sweet like a Kiss...
A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water...
What ya think?

My photos are mostly landscapes and occassionally I need to take a selfie for my folks. Hi mum and dad... remember we took a family photo here back in 2003?

 The Golden Lane at Prague castle is now barricaded and need to pay entrance fee?


 The chicken was cooked to perfect timing. It was so tender. Honza won't tell me his secret...

 Na zdraví!

How awesome is my host!? He gave Thorn a big clean down and after the bubble bath, Thorn is sparkling again, almost couldn't bear to get it dirty again. He even gave Thorn a quick service and now its smooth riding again. Big thanks!


 One of my favourite fruit! I never get to buy them cheaply in the countries I've been... Neither this time, it's still expensive but was on offer

 Felt so at home shopping at Tesco I actually spent quite a long time in there even though I'm mostly browsing due to budget constraints
I've been looking forward to buying bread when I was in Europe cos I like to play with the bread slicing machine.


Hey where are you going with my bike? haha... Thorn is too small ya.
So who is Honza? He is the friend I met in Norway back in August. Never thought we'll meet again as I didn't have his contact then. Sorry I stayed kinda too long and thanks for letting me recuperate at your place. Thanks for sharing this too

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