Sunday, 19 October 2014

Day 107-110: Prague - Part 1


  Went to check out Grand Cafe Orient to see what this "only Cubist cafe in the world" is all about?

  Black Madonna

 Prizes are high so can only opt for a tea

 Interesting interior decorated in unique cubist style



Instantly transported back to medieval times


 They make nice breads and cakes!

 Can you read the clock on the left?


Beautiful city


Breakfast with Honza (host) with a good cup of coffee :) 
Nice to arrive at a place knowing you'll enjoy great hospitality and finally I get to rest from the flu without doing anything strenuous (stayed home for 2 days).


 Dinner at La Casa Blu. Vegetarian nachos was oh-so-goooood...

 Met up with Petra, a friend of Paul whom I met in Norway. It was nice to finally meet Petra who has been following my blog. Thank you for the chocolate, dinner and drinks.

On road motivation

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