Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 119-121: To Rosenheim

 Thomas from Aachen riding on the bike he built towards black sea. 

I didn't carry on bumping on the gravel cycle path for the rest of the day towards Wasserburg and took the small roads to speed up as I needed to reached the town before 8pm. The day saw me spinning madly and rolling up and down the slopes... road towards Wasserburg is definitely not flat.


 Definitely found the right house seeing this sign on their window! Big thanks to Mike, Hajar and Stefan. Mike & Hajar were on honeymoon but still arranged for his brother Stefan to host me. A pity Stefan had something on so I never did spend much time or meet them. Had the whole place to myself and Mike even rang to check if everything was ok or if I needed anything...

 Having a stroll around town in the morning before I press on to the next destination

Early morning fog

 Its not a cycle path but checked it out anyway

 Times like this... I thought its good to cycle in pair. Do you believe I tried to lift this or tried to saw it off with my multi-tool? No I didn't. I sulked for a few seconds and reluctantly unload my bike, climbed over, reload my bike and pedalled off... then a mountain biker passed me... damn he could have saved me from all the hassle!

 Outlines of mountains... nice!


Arriving at Rosenheim to a delicious home cook and wine [I'm Spoilt]

30 Oct 14: 93.33km [Cloudy]
31 Oct 14: 31.35km [Sunny]

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