Monday, 3 November 2014

Day 122-124: To Kufstein

Harald took me 'mountain' biking in Neubeuern

The section where I had to push - I call it inhuman gradient. Photo credit: Harald

 Photo credit: Harald

Photo credit: Harald (looks like someone bitten off the top of the tree)


 A tea break treat from Harald before we rolled down the mountain


Elvira's homemade apple cake with apples from their garden! oh-so-yummy plus good italian coffee

Elvira & Harald took me to their friends' (Aristidis & Maria above) greek restaurant for dinner. Delicious food and new friends made. I was also given a contact to visit Aristidis cousin in Greece. I will make my way there and say hello for all of you!

Elvira & Harald who have cycled through exotic places like Ruanda, Colombia, Myanmar, Uganda, Cuba etc and next up Mexico. Love the photos they showed me, the places are so beautiful. Thank you so much for taking great care of me... I had such a great time being spoilt by both of you!


 Harald told me this is the old boat they used to transport salt 


Got up early to go for a walk in the mountain


Largest open air organ in the world

I went to Hell in Norway. Now Hell opened a cafe in Austria?


 Get together homecook dinner with hosts. It was so good that I cleaned off the rest of the leftover chicken *embarrassed*

 Chilling out with a beer

Introduced to Austrian schnaps

 They are travellers too

 View from their living room that I'm so jealous of

Bobby & Bastienne... thanks for having me around! Though Bastienne was down  with a cold she still tried her best to play host. Bobby even showed me around town and suggested some walking routes in the mountain.

01 Nov 14: 44.22km [Sunny]
02 Nov 14: 38.09km [Sunny, head wind]
03 Nov 14: 0km

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