Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day 69-70: Goodbye Norway

 12hrs overnight ferry crossing on Stenaline from Oslo to Frederikshavn

 Last glimpse of Oslo cityscape. 

 You have to book cabin for overnight crossing... so I did so unwillingly. Cost £65

Thanks Inger & Tor for hosting me, allowing me to rest, sort things out and also prepare for the trip onwards. They were both fabulous artists and I was lucky to have a chance to marvel at their work. Had great time participating in their dinner preparations, its so free style and yet the food always turns out delicious. It usually goes... whats this? should we add this? ok lets put this in, what you think? ok, lets try. Then with abit of this and that sprinkled on, dinner is ready!
Matt & Anna [], thanks for your help with this and also the cost saving tips.


Norway, you've spoilt me with your beautiful landscapes and wonderful hospitality. You've toughened me up with your many 'inhuman' steepness but this also better prepare me for the rest of the trip and I have now better faith in carrying on. I've established many new friendships that I will treasure dearly (Big Hello to all, hope you are well)! You've made me realised doubts are unnecessary, you just gonna go and find out yourself. I've figured every time when the locals say its flat, its usually the opposite. I've learnt to stop battling with the force of nature as I'm always at the losing end (I do still get angry though). I like your Allemannsretten concept and hope it'll stay this way. By the way, you have also break my bank and funnily the usual conversation between the cyclists I've met usually always involves 'its so bloody expensive here'. Nevertheless, I had a great time. It was hard work for a newbie but its all worth it. From the day I looked at the map almost shitting myself of the distance and length of time it gonna take, till the day I finally reached my destination.... This moment has made all the tough times and uncountable swearing (ps: only in my mind) insignificant. Its undescribable.

Norge, tusen takk og farvel.

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