Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 61-63: Oslo here I come!

 Found a disused railway track from Leira, about 100km of it is now cycle path but too bad only 16km is relevant to me. But still it was a pleasant ride. Autumn is almost here..can you see the colours?

Not many raspberries left... if you come at the right time I'm sure you can have a feast along this path as there are plenty of them growing at the sides.


Looks like a nice place to camp? Unfortunately there are still surviving mosquitoes around!

 Fleeing the mozzie site to have breakfast elsewhere... drying my ground sheet at the same time

 Brother got me a handmade cap

 Drying my tent while having lunch

The air suddenly smells sweet while I was riding and thats because of these rolls of apple trees

 Can't afford any gifts so I picked some for my hosts (Tor & Inger) in Oslo. Tried one myself. These are first class Norske Apples, very sweet and crunchy.

 Altitude approx 335m
I took Carl & Torhild's suggestion and ventured into the forest instead of taking the roads to Oslo. I entered from Sunvollen area and followed Dronningveien - Gamleveien 'road' and exit at Lommedalsveien, following Route 168 into Oslo


 Aiming for Lommedalen

 I haven't had breakfast as I wanted to find a nice spot in the forest. End up I was rolling up and down in the forest and I kept telling myself  'ok after this up slope I'll stop for a bun' but I just kept rolling and rolling thinking perhaps it'll end soon and I'll find a spot. In the end I got fed up and stopped in the middle of a slope, happily ate my bun and carried on the rolling up and down process. Abit silly to stop in the middle of slope but who cares as long as I can eat my bun. Don't get me wrong, majority of the rolling are quite pleasant as you take speed descending and will easily get you up the next slope... there are just a few odd climb though, just a few.

What have we humans done?

 Finally stopping for breakfast? Lunch?.. No actually its Branch!

 Hurrah!!! After 63days, 3643km, I've reached my final destination in Norway. Yes its possible to just pick a destination and pedal out of your front door. Yes its alright if you are inexperience. Yes its ok if you are not physical fit. I did fine and nope I don't have mighty powers. Just smile and keep pedalling, though I admit I did whine/complaint abit esp about the rain.

Thanks for not failing me after 3643km, Thorn. 

 More than a month ago at Alta, I was still thinking how is this possible?
Btw noticed the shades of stain at the sides? Its butter. Everytime I look at my map and smells the butter, it makes me hungry. Luckily I held back from eating my map whenever I open it.

Dear old friends treated me with a celebratory cuppa over PayPal from my blog. Thanks Des & Flo. 
- Tim Wendelboe Kaffe -

01 Sept 14: 85.04km [Cloudy]
02 Sept 14: 71.29km [Sunny]
03 Sept 14: 34.77km [Sunny]

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