Friday, 26 September 2014

Day 83-86: Bremerhaven, Bremen & chilling out


Yea! Treated with Pistachio (one of my favourite flavour) gelato

If you are in Bremerhaven, you should really check out this cool place

 Checking out the fish market while Winfried/Karin bought some salmon and smoked mackerel for dinner

 This truck has got some age... 

 Prosts! Bremen Beer

 Winfried plays the Baritone horn. Tonight him and his group are performing for a friend who is celebrating his 80th birthday (Jokingly he said, he is on the highway to hell). All the pieces they performed were the grandpa's childhood songs.

Winfried & his Baritone horn.

 A short snippet of the piece they are performing



 Central train station

 Söge (Pig) Street

 The city hall (Rathaus)

 Roland's statue - Germany's largest. This statue and the city hall are on UNESCO world heritage list

 Town Musicians Statue - the story behind this goes like this ''In the story a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster, all past their prime years in life and usefulness on their respective farms, were soon to be discarded or mistreated by their masters. One by one they leave their homes and set out together. They decide to go to Bremen, known for its freedom, to live without owners and become musicians there...''

 Touching the two front legs brings good luck

 The cellar / restaurant under the city hall - posh

Bremen Cathedral

 Böttcher Street, very artistic alley full of sculptures, art museums etc.

See the silver dots on the pavement? Winfried says you can just follow these and it will lead you to various attractions around the city. 


 Schnoor - my favourite part of city

 Ommmm.... hummm....

I'm a student again? Nah, followed Winfried to school to clean some things in his lab

 Karin's homemade lasagna *drools*

 The neighbour just smoked some salmon today and shared a piece with us. Yum!


 Remember the plums I bought previously, Karin turned them into a cake. I helped cut the plums and decorate the cake. 

This is Maultasche, a traditional German dish and genuine Maultaschen are only produced in Swabia, kinda to preserved their culture. [PS: Have you realised Karin is a superb cook?]

 Was invited to Meng's place to cook Thai food with her and Indira.

 Table full of food (green curry, red curry, noodles, prawns, soup) thanks to Meng while Indira and I played assistants. 
Meng was so thoughtful that she even packed stir-fried noodles for me to have it for lunch on the road together with packets of biscuits and a big bar of german chocolate.

 Meng from Thailand & Indira from Kyrgyzstan, I had a lovely time! Very international day don't you think?

With Winfried & Karin, wonderful wonderful hosts. I shamefully stayed a few more days to get some 'work' done while avoiding the rain and they kindly showed me around and showered me with so much love. Thank you for taking great care of me. I will probably have one feet out of the door and the other feet still stuck in the house, refusing to leave. Annika, they rock big time!

Thanks for having me around!

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