Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 71-72: Kajholm via Skagen

Arrived in the early hours at Frederikshavn. I had a choice of going East or to the North and then turn West. I choose the latter, don't know why but the sound of 'Northernmost' seems appealing. 

God morgen!

Denmark's cycle path. Ain't they great?

Theme: Shelter me.

So pretty!
Bike path!

How is my parking? Location obvious enough so don't try to steal my things ya!

Planned a picnic overlooking the northern tip of Denmark

Since I'm already here, how not to walk on the soft sandy beach towards the northernmost tip of Denmark

Standing in between 2 seas. Look at those nice patterns

Between Kattegat and Skagerrak sea

 Skagen grey lighthouse

 This is what was left of the chuch now

 If you see the first symbol, it means they have shelter here and you don't even have to put up your tent. Love it! No more wet tent in the morning.

 ''Wild camping sites are often equipped with running water and toilet and around a third have shelters you can sleep in. You may only sleep a maximum of one night at each location.''
 You can search here under 'overnatning'


Rise & Shine to a foggy morning. Realised in the morning that I was joint by Sascha from Germany who has been here in Denmark hiking in a few national park. Thanks for the tips on other wild camping spots in the west.

 Dews made the spider webs stand out

Roadside stall if you need to some veggies, jams etc.This one is rather posh as its got camera installed, making sure you don't grab and go.

Denmark is flat? Not really.

Found another great spot near a plantation.
Did I mention these are free? You can use water, woods for campfire, toilet for FREE.

Toilet. A better version of 'hole in the ground'

11 Sept 14: 59.89km [Sunny]
12 Sept 14: 81.8km [Sunny]

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