Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 73-74: Bulbjerg via Tranum

This is what it should look like but moving dunes destroyed it.


 Free vitamins

I think these are berries from hip bushes and you can make jam with these. Lots in the wild.

 You looked rather chilled out. Why are all of you sitting down? Are you telling me rain is coming?

Passing through Løkken

 A... water tower

 Radar detacted sweets. Diverting Thorn to the shop. Bolcheriet is one of Denmark's finest sweet or so it says.

Used to be warning signal mast telling fishermen about bad weather

 What so special is... Fishermen 'parked' their boat on the beach

 These white bath houses are specially placed here every year between May to September.

 A landmark telling fishermen that that are passing Løkken

 This is where the cycle route sign leads me to. *Faints* Its like your car navigator asking you to drive into the sea. How am I supposed to ride a loaded bike on long stretch of soft sand? 

 My home today

 Logs for your campfire

 Chop your campfire wood here

 This will keep you warm on a cold rainy day.

Guest book in the hut. 


 This is different from black currants. Its got seed in it. 

 Most of the time the cycle path leads you o gravel terrain.

 Sometimes on loose sand

Svinkloev- Badehotel, Denmark's longest wooden house. Not many wooden built hotels are left

 Bumping on gravels

Grønnestrand Mill, the only remaining heather covered mill in Denmark

 Foal and her mum. I stopped, feeling a little scared. Mum and baby together = danger. Then the mum looked at me and I froze. She keeps going round in circle in that area. I kept eye contact with her, assuring her that I'm harmless and the next I know the foal happily came galloping besides me and I was like... errr don't follow me please, you are really cute and I really want to play with you but your mum might take it the wrong way. It took me quite awhile to pass through...

 Exotic squashes for sale at roadside. Too expensive for me though

 This was a short distance steep uphill and was my only huffing and puffing moment in Denmark

 Old bunker at Bulbjerg

Looking for my camp spot

 Found this military bunker but it was too spooky for me sleep in there. 

 No shelter? Tent only

13 Sept 14: 55.29km [Cloudy with sun]
14 Sept 14: 57.09km [Sunny]

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