Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 64-68: Oslo - Part 2

Peer Gynt Sculpture Park
 Sculptures in relation to Henrik Ibsen famous play, Peer Gynt


I like this

 Pig head on troll


Viking Ship Museum
Managed to visit 2 museums for free. Thanks to a visiting friend (logistic man) who bought the 24hr Oslo pass, I get to use the remaining hours after he left.

Look at these carving details

Folks Museum

 Captured this just because of the beautiful colours

 Before Barbie exists

 Sami costumes

 Sami's 'Home' (Tipi) 

 A life size doll house. Really? Kids played in this in olden days?

In the doll house... scary

 Walking around the garden: Above - Rhuburb


 Brussel sprouts


4 petals, 4 petals, 4 petals. Ok theres none.

 In the church

 This church has load bearing posts in the corners and free standing pillars around the central nave.

Spotted mushrooms again.This look totally edible don't they?

 Farmhouse on the left, barn on the right

Lots of work ongoing around the museum and the workers there used all sorts of bikes to move around

 Marvelling the construction of these houses. Just like lego. No nails required.

 Painter's home

Vigeland Sculpture Park

 Many tourists must have touched his left hand

 Baby yoga pose? Don't try this at home ok.

Lovely day to take a stroll in the park

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