Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 75-77: Esbjerg via Ydby & Kloster

 They are so within reached. But I behaved.

 Look what I found! Plums.

 What I love munching daily. Cheap rugbrød (out of date ones).

I don't need to introduce this do I? I got the cheap version but still good.


 Lots of views of wind turbines everyday

 I really ''can't'' tell you where slept. 

Look closely. This roof is made from wooden wind mill blades

 Wind testing site

 The wing of a wind turbine about 31m in length. Thorn feeling intimidated.

 Entrance of Nordic Folkecenter


 Thatched roof are just beautiful. I hope this skill never dies.

 Long stretch of stripped road... didn't even put up road signs saying the road has been stripped. Tsk

 One of the best camping spot I've been - no cost.

 Around the camp ground

Morning cuppa watching sunrise. Perfect!

 You have to bump yourself in and out to get to the nice camping spot 


Sand sculpture with Viking theme taking place in Sondervig

I'm not allowed in without paying. So I stood outside and took this instead.. oops

Close up of the sand sculptures

Cyclist on 2wks tour (left) and cyclist on 2yrs tour (right)

 Bump into Dieter from Germany who invited me over for breakfast. Danish pastry - thumbs up.
 He is so fit and so fast. We actually parted after breakfast but bump into each other again at lunch time and so we rode together for the rest of the day before saying goodbye again at Esbjerg. Felt like my ass is burning after riding with him... I do lazy spin as I need to keep up with him.

He bought me ice-cream!!! Ice-cream on a very hot day! The last I had ice-cream was at Carl's place in Norway! Later in the day he gave me an apple and I've been shamelessly eating his Haribo sweets as well.

 After a tired day... time to rest.

15 Sept 14: 84.78km [Windy, Sunny]
16 Sept 14: 101.17km [Windy, Sunny]
17 Sept 14: 106.39km [Windy, Sunny]

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