Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 78-79: To Germany via Skærbæk

Svend Wiig Hansen's Sculpture - Man meets the sea

Thorn meets the sea

We meet the sea

Roundabout caters for cyclists too

Cyclists traffic light

Always riding against direction of wind turbines....hmmpf

Finally something cheap from the roadside. Kr2, dinner veggie sorted

Passing through Ribe - oldest surviving city in Denmark

Very different from other cities in Denmark that I've pass through

Ribe Domkirke

Free soup at supermarket... of course I had more than one

Danish version of porridge. Red berry pudding with cream. Was told its not commonly eaten nowadays. Like eating jam. I think its perfect for my dry muesli.

My one & only lodging cost. Owner charged me £7 for this fully equipped cabin.

 Tønder - the town before I crossed the border

 Kagmanden figure that is used to remind people to obey law and order

 Klostercafé in the oldest preserved building in town but it is closing soon as the owner wanted to move back to her home town.

Since its closing down, I emptied out my little purse and with all my remaining loose change, I treat myself to coffee and hazelnut cake.


 Turn left to the border

Can't believe that's it for Denmark. Missing the pastries already and the nice shelters.
Off the beaten track cycle path are usually in gravel, sand or grass which slows me down but other than that the roads, gradients and sunny weather have been perfect. 

 Crossing into Germany / Deutschland

 Right after I crossed the border into Germany, both sides of the road are lined with supermarket and many dutch drove here to buy groceries as its cheaper here.

 More wind turbines. Gosh.

  Following part of cycle route by the north sea, the only problem is I have to get through many gates and sheeps+poops.Also the mosquitoes are still pretty active here in the evening :(

18 Sept 14: 87.43km [Sunny]
19 Sept 14: 89.45km [Sunny]

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