Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 64-68: Oslo - Part 1

I didn't dig deep into whats what and quite like walking aimlessly around the city, capturing Oslo the way I see it.

Pedal power juicer?

 King's Palace

He was quite annoyed with the fluffy thing that kept being blown to his face and he could only keep using his head to flick it back.



 Chairs that can't be sat on. An artsy scene.
 Electric cars getting juiced up?

 Daily fresh fishes for sale

Nobel Peace Centre
- Peace -

 Is this fun? I seems to still prefer sitting in a kayak. Should try it someday

 One of the oldest sport shop in Oslo...a friend told me

Bold expressions

If you think it is


 My logistic man is in town for the weekend to exchange stuff in preparation for the changing season and I got a treat. Thanks Mr Thong, till the next logistic 'challenge'.

 Ooo... black coffee brewed to perfection?


Its not marshmallow inside... its made of egg white. Surprisingly not too sweet and quite low calories.


Was introduced to a homecooked Norwegian cuisine - whale steak. I couldn't quite describe the taste.. quite exotic I supposed. Its better to eat immediately and over-cooking will turn it into rubbery texture.

 Was also being fed with good bread everyday

 Topped with homemade apple jam

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