Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 80-82: Bad Bederkesa

 Early morning fog. Had to pack and start early as I camped in between a school field and neighbourhood fire station.


Hurrah!!! Time in Germany = try lots of fancy bread. 

 Bikers on excursion? They suddenly invade the old town, I counted about 20-ish but more and more came after that...

 See the bikes parked from one end to the other

So quiet... like a deserted village

For sale. Converted wind mill, anyone?

Passing through lots of vegetables and corn plantation.

Ding Ding, I heard. Someone from behind was ringing the bell so I swirled aside to give way to whoever was behind. Who knows Matthieu (from Switzerland) pedaled up to say hi!  While we rode together for a short distance, we were both trying to keep side by side on the pavement, slapping mosquitoes with one hand that are eating us alive and trying to maintain our conversation at the same time. Matt quit his job too to do some cycle touring and will be following the north sea abit and see how things goes. He is a version of lightweight bikepacking!!! That is all he is carrying. If we had time I would have make you empty out your stuff to see what you are bringing,

Crossing the Eider Barrage, Germany largest coastal storm protection barrier.

 I'm a big fan of farm shop!! Can't afford but I'm happy just browsing.

 Blow wind blow. Wind speed picking up compared to my times in Denmark.

I find this scene beautiful. I just had to stop to enjoy a short moment of this. Farmer working at the background, sun slowly setting, spinnig wind turbine...

 Reminds me of a close friend [Hello Floris, looking forward to makng the Ellie stint happen]

 Big celebration of farmers harvest going on

 Freshly baked bread

Got some plums from the market. Bargain!

 Another big group of bikers on excursion? Like more than a hundred

 They are having a street fest here too

 Ahh... quarkballchen! I had them before when I was in south Germany years back during winter and I love them. But this if off budget :(


 Time checked: 0530hrs. I was the first customers and I sat there for a few hours charging my stuff watching regulars popping in to buy fresh bread for their day. The smell of freshly baked bread, aroma of brewed coffee... mmm

Wind speed picked up after I cross the Elbe river. I'm moving sideways like a crab, trying to go forward but the wind is blowing diagonally.
But finally I'm almost reaching my hosts' place. So excited!
Big thanks to Annika & Roberto from for arranging this.

Went out strolling with Winfried & Karin who showed me around the town. Although it is a small place with about 6000 inhabitants, its got everything here. Charming little place. And I secretly suspect Winfried knows everyone here as we kept bumping into someone he knows.

 Bederkesa lake

We dropped by the supermarket to stock up some food. I was almost drooling looking at these. Guessed what caught my attention. First item (left) on the second row... its just veggies. I was only just pointing to it and letting out a big 'ohhh' and Winfried/Karin got them for me to try.

 Bederkesa Castle

*giggling* on the left corner is Saint Agur cheese... one of my favourite!! (a friend got me addicted to it when I was in England, reminds me of the times we had cheese platter and biscuits after dinner in the campervan)

So this is it. The plant that I've seen from Norway, Denmark, to Germany... its actually rose hips. Usually made into jams. When we were out walking around town, I was pointing to this and that asking Winfried/Karin can this/that be eaten and this was one of them. At last.... so its rose hips. Duh.

20 Sept 14: 80.22km [Sunny]
21-22 Sept 14: 155.12km [Windy, Patchy rain]


  1. Dear friend, ellie stint will definitely happen once you cross into SEA. Will be Cambodia, let me know once you have a date in mind. For now, just continue to savour the exploration :) Take care and don't ill again. Hugs!