Saturday, 30 August 2014

Day 58-60: Fagernes via Ovre Ardal & Tyinstolen


Met Nieuwe & Eline from Holland. I love their van! Nieuwe made me jumped when he suddenly pop out from his van offering me a cup of coffee while I was parking up as I thought nobody was around. Fun loving crazy people who thinks I'm crazy with the cycling stint. Well, crazy people meet crazy people and its fun!

See the road up turning left from the middle, I am climbing up again. Hurray.

Hey I didn't take down your contact. Are you reading this? This is Honza from Czech by the way. We rode for a short distance before parting. 

Seems like a day of many friendships. This is Marian & Stephanie from Munich. Marian says its always his dream since young to go cycle touring. Though this is just a short one, he hopes to plan a bigger one in near future. Guess what, baby is on its way... Steph is pregnant. I salute here for all these climbing! See you both in Germany!

Prank or Art? Nice slim pair of pink legging.

Ovre Ardal... descending from the top to civilisation.

It was close to evening time and I thought I can pitch up somewere after Ovre Ardal so I decided to press on even though I was tired from the ride today. Little did I know it was up, up and more up. I didn't managed to find a spot and just went further and further until night fall. It was dark, there were no road lights, my rear light was faulty and I can only rely on my front light and dim head torch. By the time I reached Tyinstolen it was in the early morning next day. I was cold from the rain.. so I took shelter in a cabin in Tyinstolen. There weren't much humans along the way and when I found one that I can access to, he rejected my request to host me for a night. That was how I ended up in Tyinstolen which was about 1100m altitude from the 55m I started from Ardal.

I went to the owner, Ola first thing in the morning to let him know my 'intrusion' and the story about my long ride as I was worried of cost. But the first thing he said was don't worry and there is hot shower here, you looked tired and need to rest. He also made me breakfast with a cup of hot tea and we ended up chatting away. Thank you so much!

Private Hyatt

My warm and cosy shelter


 Another Stave church along the way

 Stone inscriptions from viking era

 A frustrated cow...

Alot of times these 'no cyclist' sign suddenly appear but I am never sure where do they expect us to divert as its usually the only way to where I want to go...

A little awkward plonking myself in a park of a city. Luckily people strolling in the park never seems bothered with my presence.

29 Aug 14: 70.47km [Cloudy, headwind]
30 Aug 14: 0km
31 Aug 14: 85.99km [Foggy, Cloudy]

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