Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 53-55: To Otta

Chanced upon Strinda Kirke built in 1900

Met Lukas from Switzerland who just retired and started his cycling trip since June. We were chatting by the road when it started drizzling so Lukas invited me to lunch at the nearby service station. Thanks for the treat Lukas, it saved me from having my stale bread. We parted after that where he cycled towards blue skies and me.... grey clouds, yes its following me everyday. I must have a grey cloud just on top of my head, rainign just on me, you think? 

It was Sunday and E6 was really busy which I now understand why locals told me to avoid but I didn't. There are cycle path from Trondheim towards Storen afterwhich you are back sharing the road with the cars, trucks, trailers etc

Part of cycle path suddenly disappeared and I wasn't sure where to turn. So I went through Foss and then Hovin instead

Unpaved road beside the railway line leading into Storen.


Strangely the road wasn't that busy anymore in the weekdays esp after Oppdal.

I was so fed up with the rain that I needed to vent. I needed to have a word with the rain. I said I was bored with it and suggested that it should send the sun out to bake me. C'mon not that difficult right!  Rawrrrrr....


Blue skies and sunshine. Remembered I just had a word with the rain yesterday? Well I supposed you do need to speak up to get things resolved, just that my other party is the uncontrollable weather.

Dombas Kirke

This road marking really annoyed me. Wheres the smooth lines?

I saw something beautiful. Did you?

"Somewhere over the rainbow way up high.... and the dreams that you dreamed of...drames really do come true ooh oh" - lets sing-a-long

Colours - Sunset

Sel Kobberverk, near Otta

24 Aug 14: 89.57km [Sun, Rain]
25 Aug 14: 74km [Cloudy, occasional showers]
26 Aug 14: 109.68km [Sun, scattered drizzle]

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