Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 45-47: Trondheim - Part 1

In Trondheim. Took the 0630hrs ferry and arrived by 0700hrs. 

Found a KIWI supermarket that a friend, Matt tipped me to check out. Nice of them to offer free coffee, cookies etc

Met a curious furry on the road

Day & Evening

Balloons oh balloons, where are you floating to, somewhere beautiful?

Being a Tourist...

Stiftsgarden Royal Residence, the largest wooden mansion in Scandinavia with 140 rooms. 

Ravnkloa - fish market hall. 

 Would have loved to indulged in these but its expensive. 

 Olav Tryggvason Column aka the Viking King

Rent a bike

Go'Dagen statue. It is said that she was a housemaid who spent her retired days in the area greeting passers by with a smiling Go'dagen ie good day! She looks really lovely and chirpy.

Nidaros Cathedral housing the tomb of St.Olav
Mum's love

Yes if I don't have to pay

Trondheim Art Museum - 3rd largest collection of Norway's art

They even paid attention to manhole covers

Church of our lady

To Nidaros Pilgrim Centre - pilgrims and walkers can stay the night here. Nidaros in Trondheim - destination for pilgrimages for 1000 of yrs.

Bristol? What a familiar word. Afterall it was my home for many years.

Award winning coffer bar 

Their cakes are made from Dromedarbakeriet which again made award winning cakes ie Cake of the year.

Carrot cake. Is good.

Many thanks to Tony for buying me a cuppa through PayPal on my blog. I've saved it till today to find a good cafe spot, on a rainy day, just when I needed a hot brew to perk me up. mmmm

16 Aug 14: Ferry Vanvikan to Trondheim Kr 93 + 15km [Cloudy]
17-18 Aug 14: 0km [Rain]

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