Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day 32-35: To Mosjeon

Rafal horse. Even though he has got his diving/fishing stuff, my steed still seems heavier than his. Do I have rocks in my panniers or what. Noticed he got a top rear rack? It was from a child seat he reaped off. He says its good as the weight is on the frame.

Fishing for dinner. This is a private place at someone's summer house. The owner kindly let us use it for fishing and even bring out chairs for us.

Darkness, clouds and... rain



Intention was to fish for dinner at Kvitnest campsite when we rode by. Who knows a Swedish family (9of them) on fishing vacation just came back from fishing and gave us 3 mackerels. Dagi taught me how to gut the fishes and I fried them up as its probably our last dinner together on this trip.

They caught a 13kg cod! They are here for a week just for fishing and the fishes will be frozen and taken back to Sweden. Was told they can be kept up to a year.

And they are out again for 2nd round

How far would you take fishing location to. This is what Rafal did. He wanted to try it out here as the water is very deep.


Its been raining and raining, thus the lack of photos. Set them off at Mosjoen train station and didn't even have a chance to say proper goodbye. The tickets were fully booked but the conductor made an acception and they were put in the bike cabin hurridly. Heavy downpour started again when the train left... I'm missing them already.

03 Aug 14: 55km [Sunny]
04 Aug 14: 40km + Ferry from Nesna to Levang Kr36 [Storm]
05 Aug 14: 25km? [Rain]
06 Aug 14: 22km [Rain]

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