Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 56: To LOM

Following FV436 from Otta before joining back the RV15 route - a short detour

Found lots of mushrooms. I'm love my mushrooms.. shame I didn't know which are edible. I need a shroom encyclopedia.

Passed by this house... feels like its got lots of stories to tell

Wood oh wood... supply > demand or demand < supply... Ahh you humans... I'm one of the culprits as I love wood stuff

This cubicle is mine, if you excused me, time for a quick clean

Passing through Vagamo

Lom Stave church. If you haven't already know, there are not many surviving ones left and most of them are in Norway. The construction of these medieval wooden churches never fails to amaze me.

River Bovra passing through Lom

27 Aug 14: 63.1km [Cloudy with occasional sun]

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