Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day 57: Passing through Fantesteinen

May I pass through? Please?

 Rest stop for lunch
Only veggies in my spagetti

Rest point

They even made the seats facing the mountains


Riding along Norway's highest mountain pass Sognefjellsvegan and finally reached the highest point ie Fantesteinen @ 1434m (4705ft). This route is too beautiful to be missed. The rule for this ride is no bike pushing and its also when I realised I've actually gained some fitness after all these riding. I had lots of encouragements from people driving passed me - sorry if I mispelt your name, York and your dad, thanks for the nice words! Hope you are reading this. They were parked up by the road when I was rolling up slope and York suddenly cycled up to me (wonder when he detached his bike off the car) to have a chat, turns out he lives in London. 

Actually many times after visually taking in the surrounding landscape, my focus went back on the road in the near distance. I find it difficult (at least for now) to keep my eyes far ahead as it felt as though I haven'ed moved as I was rolling up so slowly. Only by keeping it on very near distance and I meant very near that I felt I've made progress. This way also made the road seems 'flat' and I also won't know how much more left to climb. Its more on psychology, physical is only secondary, thats how I made it up. And so, my first mountain pass KOMPLETT on a glorious day with clear blue skies!

Looking at the road ahead, I thought I better called it a day

So today, home is on the mountain. 

28 Aug 14: 65.1km [Sunny]

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