Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 43-44: To Vanvikan via Kjerringsvik

It was hammering down with rain so I took shelter at a supermarket to have some lunch. While I was having lunch, the rain stopped and when I was ready to set off, it started raining again. It almost always happened this way. Is it just me?

Into Steinkjer. Glorious sunshine isn't it but it started raining when I was riding out of this place.

Basically cyclist have to use bike path out of city and I followed the path to Vist and turn onto 761, joining onto 755 towards Kjerringsvik. I didn't want to take the main road E6 to Trondheim as it'll be busy.

Following the tradition of Dagi & Rafal; Closing account for the day from picking up bottles from road side and recycling them = Kr12 (Yes every penny counts for me and I'm doing good for Norway's environment). Hmm not even enough to buy milk. Need to try harder. Guess which is the most popular drink bottles being thrown on the road.... *drum roll*... Coke!

I rode till late in the rain and finally found a good spot. Took this in the morning. Had a view over Skarnsund bridge which for 2yrs was the longest of its kind spanning over 530m. 

Instead of following route 755, I turned at Mosvik joined FV192 and then onto unpaved road in hope for better views

I can't explain why but I like this photo.

Left is my road!

Getting rougher

Right it is... and majority of this section is just up and more up. I could bearly ride anymore but to push.

Then part of the journey was blocked by trees so I can only get glimpse of the coast

Ah-ha....Asphalt road! Joining onto route 89

Route 89 then joined back to 755 towards Leksvik

Love this view too.

Is that a bath tub? Temptation to dig for my soap and shampoo. 

Carried on to Vanvikan as I was not far away. Ferry waiting area opened all night with toilet facilities and wifi, supermarket opposite as well. How not to stay in here, its nice and warm.

14 Aug 14: 87km [Rain]
15 Aug 14: 67km [Sunny]

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