Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 36-37: To Grane

Rode back into town centre to check out Sjogata, its Northern Norway largest concentration of 19th century wooden houses

Shell station from 1933

Riding Cyclette picture frame

Just having a rest

On my steed and onwards

Bypass Laksforsen to see this waterfall

Meet Carl & Torhild! Carl was training for his upcoming cycling trip in Kyrgyzstan and came up behind me on the road to say Hi. After a short conversation about our cycling stint, Carl invited me home to meet Torhild; they fed me with lots of meat, chocolate, ice-cream, fruits, nice coffee plus hot shower and made the bed.

I slept so well

Lovely lovely friends I've made! Thank you so much

Nice view from the house

Wow look at that... wonder what its like to paddle in them

Reminds me of my sister

Just a unique toilet

Thorn from England met another Thorn in Norway! Carl's bike

Looks like the bike can be dismantled? Probably easy for Carl to transport his bike since he always make cycling trips to other countries

Traveling down E6 wasn't as good as the coast furthermore the road is busy with big trucks, cars etc as it is the only road link between north and south so I decided to turn into route 76 and then join back the coastal route

Didn't want to take the tunnel so I took the route beside it.. luckily I can squeeze pass

Beautiful full moon. Good night... feels like the werewolves are coming out. 

07 Aug 14: 43km [Sunny]
08 Aug 14: 97km [Sunny]

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