Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 45-47: Trondheim - Part 2

The old town bridge - Gamle Bybro

Bryggene wharves - oldest was built in 1700s

Is this the oldest that is still standing?

The world's first bicycle lift. I've seen few unsuccessful attempts and no opportunities to video it as locals either push their bike up or rode up the slope.

Bakklandet is lined with lots of cafes

This sunflower is massive

Bike repair shop

Street art

Annas Cafe, a cafe for vegetarian

Read that Andrew Evans of Nat Geo Traveller Mag named this as the nicest cafe in Scandinavia. Should I check it out?

The menu on the window panes.

Such cosy little unassuming place. 

Best cafe in 2012 by Nat Geo.

Can't help but tried their home cooked wild reindeer casserole.

Norwegian coffee albeit without the alcohol. Coffee, brown sugar, cream, cinnamon. Its oh-so-good.